After a mastectomy...


My Mum is having a mastectomy and reconstruction (from the back) tomorrow and I just wondered if anyone could tell me how you felt after? She has had a lumpectomy so I kind of know what to expect but I don’t know how much worse this is. Last time she was feeling OK by a couple of days after, obviously in pain etc but quite with it. I think I have just been used to what the chemo does after!

I had stayed with her a couple of days after the op and then came round most days but was OK with that. I wonder if she is going to need me for longer this time or just what you were like almost straight after or a couple of days after. She is going to be in hospital for 4 days.

Thank you. x


I’ve just come home from my Mastectomy I didn’t have recon done though.

I’m not going to lie and say it’s ok because it isn’t.

It is very painful and when you get home you do feel very vunerable. I can only explain that I feel like I’m carrying a large pad of wadding under my arm, I’m not, but that’s how it feels, I am very numb across my chest and I can’t actually lift my arm very high but with excercise it will come back.

I has a WLE a month ago and I was fine within days of that. This is more invasive so she will need more support post op. The big thing is not to over do it.

I went to the Dr this morning then a little run to Tesco (didn’t lift anything and hubby drove) now I need to lie down…I’m exhausted.

I was in 6 days post op because my drain was still draining and they didn’t want to take it out too soon.

Hope Mum gets on ok.

Sue xx

Hi Michelle

I had a mastectomy on the 2nd and came home on the 5th with one drain left in, I must admit I felt ok and the drain was easy to sort out. However at the moment I have a swelling under my arm which is causing me some discomfort but thats all not pain as such. I have only had paracetamol and codine in the hospital and at home and the movement in my arm is good. I think the thing is nobody is the same and you have to take it day by day.

Hope your mum gets on ok

Best wishes

Debs x