After anastrazole

I am just 2 years into a 5-year Anastrazole plan.  Every 3 days or so I feel like I have the flu - achy, no energy, chills (unless I am having a hot flash/flush).  Truthfully, I stay in bed most of the day on those bad  days.  I am 64, I eat a healthy diet, my weight is fine, and I exercise by walking and stretching when I am feeling well enough.  I have never felt so useless in my life!

Has anyone out there endured and then come off a 5-year Anastrazole experience?  If so, did you ever feel normal again and how long did it take to feel better?  I am really wondering if taking this med. is worth the anguish.

Braveface sorry you are having such a miserable time - have you spoken to

your doctors re the alternatives to Anastrozole ( maybe Tamoxifen would treat you more kindly ?)  also have you asked about the percentage gain you are getting from taking the hormone medication .Some have only a small gain from taking the meds for others it’s much more significant .

Dear Braveface : ) and/or anyone else, out there, who can relate to my dilemma ……

I am only 3 months into a 5 year treatment plan on anastrazole and feel exactly the same - I am also 63 years and pre BC, fit & healthy! How have you been since - does it get better?? Every couple of days or so I feel  flu like symptoms with chronic aches & pains and fatigue. I no longer sleep and generally feel rubbish most days! I am currently on ‘long term sick from work as it would be impossible to work whilst feeling like this! I have young Grandchildren who I want to enjoy, so I am also wondering if I should come off the medication, as it is apparently only 7 - 10% more successful at keeping the cancer from returning anyway??