After Anastrozole ....

Hi -  anyone who’s taken anastrozole knows that the most common side effect is joint pain. I’m no exception and after 3 years so far have grown familiar with the twinges, creaks, hip and knee pain plus some stiffness and lack of suppleness in general. Some of this I guess is pretty normal for late sixties and I’m not grumbling at all. I still enjoy an active, happy life and am only too willing to take anastrozole as part of ongoig treatment.


But my question is this: when I do eventuallystop taking this aromatase inhibitor, will I regain some of that more flexible painfree mobility again?! Just wondered …! Thanks, Cherry

Good question

I have also wondered about this.

I still have 4.5 years to go on it and my hands are really stiff and painful,

Hope someone answers 



I am three years down the five year line and really struggling with Anastrazole side effects. I get a lot of headaches and migraines, nausea and hot sweats at night. I know I shouldn’t grumble because I am clear of cancer but I just want to feel better and hate having to cancel things due to feeling awful. I also still get very tired bad everyone expects me to be better and full of life and energy. How can I when I lose so much sleep? I have tried changing to the other drug but things were worse if anything. I am considering cutting down to one every other day but if the cancer came back I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. Do intake the gamble? I really a quite desperate.

Hi, I am only 3 months in with Anastrozole. Joint pains - yes! I am swimming and walking and trying not to stay for long periods in front of the computer when working to manage it.


But how about the downy fine facial hair below the ear and outer jaw? Anyone else? I dont want it to grow more and forwards to cover my face. Is there a risk of that? I read on a US site that an Endocrinologist was prescribing a diuretic called Aldactone to reduce it, and that its not so much the hormone therapy but the fluctuating hormones that cause it. Does anyone else have the same problem and has anyone found a way to reduce this?


I’m 5 years in and was due to come off last September now being kept on till February. I have also tried to gain a little hope for the future but havnt got anything back - hope you get some replies.

Hi ladies, get some joint pain but did have probs before so not sure. Some hot flushes but definitely gained a little weight, tummy!  But, again not been doing exercises as I was before the bc prob.  Oh, sometimes just want to scream, but then I think of all the people who are suffering a great deal.  We have to carry on and try to be strong, even on those crappy days when you just want to hide.   Great we can share our feelings on here.  Sending love and xxxxxxxxx

I am also so tired in the afternoons, but I dont sleep very well during the night. My aches have become more and now have trigger thumb.  But, we have to carry on. Best wishes to all xxx

Hi all,
So far 1year on anastrazol, 3 brand names and currently now on Arimidex with support from my onc. This was due to side effects, still getting some but sleep less disturbed. Had my trial of Arimidex not worked the suggestion was to switch to Tamoxifen.
Big difference in cost, brands about £2 per pack, arimidex about £60.

Hi lexilou, I  was taking accord brand now been given a different one, begins with T, sorry tabs upstairs.  Joint pain seems worse, my hands in the night are worse and big probs sleeping. And, of course hot flippin flushes.  Mammo on 23rd December and see my surgeon 15th jan, so if no improvement will have to beg for help. I have a friend on Tamoxifen and the side effects seem far worse than anastrozole.   Hope everyone is doing ok, great we can xxxxx

Hi All, I started this thread some time ago and have ended up realising my issues with aches and pains are minimal compared to some. For whatever reason, I’m having a very good run of mobility and painfree days of late - I’m 3 years down the line, so whether it does eventually ease for some or that I’m having a temporary supple and pain free time I don’t know. What I do know is that I still have a problem that doesn’t fluctuate! I’ve posted about this before and never had any replies … but as we have a few members that have been reading and answering this link, I’ll try it here. And I’ll try and word it better than I must have done before!


Since I’ve been on anastrozole, I have lost my libido. I’m in a loving marriage and we are still intimate but my body is no longer sensitive to touch. I love cuddles and being close but the actually physical response has gone. Is this because anastrozole blocks oestrogen? I would love to know how other members feel and do hope someone replies. We’ve found solutions to lubrication so that’s not a problem - it’s just my head. Or body. Or both. Thanks, Cherry

Hi Cherry, yes can totally relate to what you describe and have heard similar from many othet ladies.  I  sorted the lubricant side as it was horrendous,  firstly ending in urine infections but when explained what was happening ‘inside’ realised the importance of using lubricant.   I find Yes the best as it is totally free from any unwanted additives.  It’s hard when we have to adjust and at first I felt inadequate,  but I am trying to Train, my mind.  My partnet has been brilliant, but I  have to make an effort otherwise I just won’t bother. Oh joy, hugs and xxxxxxxx

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How do I find the closed group please? I’m not in a relationship…things ground to a slow halt after the cancer and all the subsequent side effects.I had a good sex life but cant imagine having either the energy or inclination ever again tbh