After breast cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last August and have since recovered physically from the surgery and radiotherapy. I thought i was doing well, however to my surprised I have just been diagnosed with post traumatic stress is this normal?

Someone I know had a breakdown several months after she finished her treatment. Up until that point she seemed to be coping well. She had several weeks off work, and was treated by psychiatrists attached to the oncology dept, and recovered.

I also started suffering from stress six months after finishing treatment.Some people are unable to fully deal with the stress of diagnosis and treatment at the time as they are just trying to survive, often they seem to sail through and everyone is impressed with how well they are coping .then when the immediate threat is removed ,such as when treatment finishes,the stress surfaces (similar to how migraines often strike when you relax after a period of stress)this is just the next stage of recovery.It can be a surprise to us as well as everyone around us,but is perfectly normal ,just another stage we go through