After Breast cancer

Good morning, I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and coped well with two operations then Radio Therapy.  I refused chemo therapy but then it was decided it wasn’t appropriate anyway.  I have fantastic family support and the treatment I received was excellent.  I’ve always thought I was very lucky… I still get very tired and don’t seem to have a lot of stamina.  It was discovered I had an under active thyroid during the treatment so I have medication for that.  I have this week been referred to a urologist as I have had a urine infection that has needed 3 lots of antibiotics.  I had a prolapse 10years ago and I think the discomfort is due to something going wrong with that.  It really worries me that I have to rely on my daighters to take me to hospital appointments, I feel such a burden.  They both have responsible jobs.  They are very loving and caring .  I’m sorry Im going on so much but I’m hoping that writing all this down may clear my head.  I do have friends but don’t like to keep asking for help.  They are good friends but a couple have no idea what it’s like to have cancer and thought that when the treatment finished that’was it’. Nooooo!!!   It just seems to be one thing after the other.  Then last night I watched Children in need and felt ashamed of how I feel.  Some of those children have so much to deal with and are so brave.  What do I have to complain about?  Thank you for reading my story.  If you have problems I hope they will soon be resolved. Sending love to you all 

Good morning GrandmaDottie 

I hope you feel a little better for having had a chat with us! It always helps to let it all out regardless of how trivial it may seem, your still in the early days post treatment and it takes a while for our bodies to recover from the physical and mental side of a cancer diagnosis. 

We all have those friends who say “but it’s over now and your fine”! I even have a sister who does! They have no idea ?

Im sure your daughters don’t mind one bit helping you out and are just happy to have their mum still here with them! We all need some help at times and you shouldn’t feel like a burden for having to rely on them ?

Have a look through the various threads across the forum , plenty of ladies post treatment keeping in touch and sharing their every day ups and downs, will hopefully help you see that it’s ok to feel a bit sorry for yourself! Xx Jo