After chemo -Question about infections etc.

Hi guys,

Does anyone know how long after chemo we can relax about temperatures etc. Just wondered how long it takes for the risk of neutropenia to be gone.



Hi Jo,
before my first chemo I was told the risk of infection was worst from day 6 to 10, I had 3 EC first with no problems and then after my first Tax I picked up an infection on day 3/4 and was told in hospital if I felt I was warm or shivery to take my temp just to be safe.
I’m sure some other ladies will come forward with what they know/have been told

Hope you stay well
Tracey xxxxxxx

Most units do a post Chemo blood test, or possibly your GP at 3-4 weeks past your last dose to see if your bloods have recovered and your neuts are back to normal. Usually your risk of neutropenia are greatest in the first two weeks after your Chemo. X

I carried on having another treatment every three weeks after chemo finished. This treatment required having bloods done, and my levels were fine for the first post chemo treatment and have stayed fine ever since. Having said that, my onc still said it takes months for your immune system to get back to normal - I’ve never been entirely sure what she meant by that given the bloods were ok.
finty x