After core biopsy.

I had a core biopsy done 3 days ago, and had steri strips applied, and a dressing. I was told I could take the dressing off after 24 hours, which I have done but to leave the strips to fall off alone. I love having a soak in the bath and not being able to is driving me mad :frowning: I’ve washed all around it but will it be alright getting wet or should I put a waterproof covering over the strips? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Steri strips are waterproof ,I had a bath every day til mine came off on their own ,no problems.

Hi Rebecca, I covered mine with a carrier bag ( classy I know! ?) to shower the first few days then by about. Day 5 took it off as was driving me mad, didn’t have any problems and all healed fine, hope your doing ok, when will you get your results? Xx 

Jobey68, that’s good news! I have washed and bath obviously just not that little area! :smiley: haha maybe I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing for another couple of days then just bath/shower normally! Only way I’ll find out is by doing it really and it was only a small incision so I doubt there is much risk of infection! I will get them in roughly 2 weeks. I have never been through anything like this and the worry has really taken its toll! I’m trying to think positive as I know most biopsies come back fine but just keep thinking what if I’m one that doesn’t! It’s scary! Thanks for your comment! Really helped!! :slight_smile: hope you’re doing okay?! Xx

Jill 1998, thank you for your help! Hoping they will be okay soon! :slight_smile:

Im a year on from my diagnosis now Rebecca and just waiting on my first annual mammogram results, you are quite right that the majority of biopsys will come back clear and i do hope yours is but if not you will find plenty of support here, its a very stressful time but not as bad as you may be imagining right now, wishing you all the best Xx

Oh bless you! Do you mind if I ask what you were diagnosed with? I hope everything is going as well as possible with you!!! Thank you! It really means a lot! I will keep you posted on here as to when I get my results back! Keep smiling :slight_smile: there seems like a lot of lovely, thoughtful & caring people on here :slight_smile: xx

I had Grade 1 Tubular BC , diagnosed in March last year, quite a rare one and thankfully a slow grower so my prognosis was good and after a lumpectomy and radiotheraphy ive had no problems since, was your a recall after screening or something you found yourself? Xx

The fact you’ve had no problems since is fab news Hun, and I hope it stays that way for you from now till forever!! It was a lump I found myself, a pretty big one, and then when they did the ultrasound scan, you could see another little one right by it which I couldn’t feel. So a biopsy was taken xx

Wow! You have been very lucky! And I hope you continue that was as well! I have been told this lump could be a fibroadenoma but it could be something unusual, so just waiting now! Xx

That’s crazy, tbh, I know I should do it more often but I’ve never really sat there and thought to myself ‘I need to check my breasts’. It was actually my partner who found it one night and from now on I will always be sure to check them! I’m worried but I’m trying to stay positive for my little boys sake! Thank you! Fingers crossed for you too!!! Beck xx

No, I wouldn’t either but now I think I’d rather know sooner than later I think! & my nan died of skin cancer in 99. Don’t think any of my family have had BC that I know of! My little one is 4! :slight_smile: xx

My boys are a little bit older than your son! they are in their 20’s, im 47 and im guessing you are a fair bit younger? We have no other Cancer history other than me and mum and there is no Genetic link, just one of those things Xx

Oh well at least they both understand fully then! I’ve just told my son I’m poorly because he did catch me crying one morning. He’s looking after me though! :slight_smile: yes, I’m 22! It’s a bitch is cancer eh!!! Xx

Yes I really hope so! I’m not too healthy in myself though which worries me! Only last month I had to have a laparoscopy and ended up back at stage 1 not knowing anything :frowning: I don’t have an exact date they said about 2 weeks xx

Hi Rebecca. Just seen your post and thought Id let you know that I was fine a few days after biopsy. I was greedy and had to have a second biopsy as the first one came back as benign, although the mammogram was painting a different picture. Had second biopsy on 31st March and still a bit bruised from it but no pain. Hopefully yours will have settled down now. It’s awful waiting for results as I have done twice.

My eldest is 18 but also have a little one who is 6 and its so hard not to worry. Well done for getting it checked and like Jo said, you really have age on your side. Im 38 so middle of the road as far as age goes. My second biopsy also came back as borderline but still didn’t diagnose cancer so am thankful. They think mine is possibly an unusual looking fibroadenoma so removing it anyway on the 4th May for further testing. Hopefully yours will be a harmless fibroadenoma which is very common within your age bracket and you get your results back soon to put your mind at rest. Kay xx

Thank you Kay, I took the strips off last night and it’s healed lovely. Still a little bruising but not much. Had my results back yesterday and it is a fibroadenoma but it is more active so they have asked to see me next week to discuss having it removed. It’s good news but still very scary! You never expect to go through this sort of thing yourself really. It’s caused so much tension between myself and my partner but hopefully now I can focus on getting it out and moving on! Hope all goes well for you! Xx

It is bound to cause tension Rebecca as it completely pulls the rug from under your feet. I’ve found the feelings Ive had have been completely alien to me. I’m usually a strong bubbly character and positive nature but this has led me to be withdrawn and anxious. My hubby didn’t want to hear about the what ifs or anything negative and kept telling me it will be fine. I know it’s his way of dealing with it and didn’t want to venture anywhere dark unless necessary but I have to admit, I have been there in my head. I am happy the lump is being removed so hoping then, I can move forward. Feel like it’s a step in the right direction. Mine will be under General anaesthetic but they said I’ll be out in the same day. I’m waiting on a letter about ward and timings but it’s definitely booked for 4th May. Let me know what they say next week. It’s good to know they’re looking after you. Kay xx

Yes the same as my partner, he just keeps saying at least it isn’t cancer… But it doesn’t make it any easier really. I’ve pushed him away a lot recently because I just couldn’t get my head around it. I don’t know what they are planning for my removal yet but I’m hoping it’ll be general because I’d be petrified otherwise! At least with general I won’t remember it! I will keep you posted! I hope your removal goes well! Xx

Hi Rebecca, just wondering how you are getting on? I had my lump removed on 4th may with a full margin clearance. I had general anaesthetic and was uncomfortable for a week or so but feeling a lot better now and going back to work on Friday. Just had the good news it was a fibroadenoma (although an unusual looking one) and although they will still keep a check on the other one I have there’s no plan to remove it as yet.
Hope everything is well with you xx