After effects of radiotherapy

I finished radiotherapy 2 months ago and still the skin of the treated area feels warmer than untreated breast, which I understand can be normal after effects of radiotherapy.
But last few days I have noticed the areola and nipple on treated breast has gone hard and sore and hurts to touch same as when I was being treated. I have been carrying on with skin care, using E45 cream so wondering is this another after effect of radiotherapy?

HiI finished radiotheraphy 3 weeks ago and my breast remains very painful. The skin around the nipple area seems to be changing almost daily and the nipple its self is painful but Id put that down to the op!

Don’t worry. I finished rads a couple of months ago, and thought I’d escaped unscathed. The first couple of weeks after rads finished were when I got hot, raw and sore. It took about a month for that to pass and heal. My nipple took about a month to get tender, then got tender and flaked off, well not the whole thing obviously, the surface stuff! It did that twice. I’m only just starting to think the nipple is stabilising.

Hope it helps.

I finished my Rads July 2008. My nipple was like a raspberry for months very hard and painful, even after the burns had settled.
Aloe Vera from the fridge… a few gasps then relief . Stick with it ladies… it will get better I promise you!!!

That’s good to know, Bobbie and Carole, as my lovely, hard, brown yet bright red, peeling nipple is not doing it for me at the mo!! Glad I’m not alone (if you know what I mean)!

Katie x

Hi sorry to ask! I’m 6/7 weeks after rads finished and I’m sore under my boob. Come from no where I was ok during rads. How did you help it heel x