After effects SLNB

Hi I had a therapeutic mammoplasty on 23rd May and lymph node biopsy.
I am experiencing strange sensations in under arm a fairly constant burning/sharp pins and needles type Apart from this only mild pain in breast .
Could this be due to dye used ? Is this a common symptom others have experienced
Wondering how long it will take to settle xx

Hi , I had lumpectomy but 3 nodes . I had burning and pains for a few weeks . Sometimes a random stabbing that made me jump . And burning as if it was chapped . It’s the area healing and it calmed down after a few weeks . Check with your BCN if it doesn’t calm down x

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Hi @sheils, if you have questions that you’d like to ask, please remember our nursing team is here, to talk things through at your own pace.

You can reach them via phone or email, or you can write a post without having to leave the forum in the Ask Our Nurses section.

Sending our warmest wishes