After first chemo how were you

On Mon i find out about what chemo i am on and start date ect.

How ever i have my auntie funeral on Fri 4th March i obs would like to be able to go as really close to her but thinking if they wish to start treatment by then i may not be able to go due to side effects. 

Not sure what chemo i have yet untill tomorrow i will say to oncologyist about funeral to see what suggest best to do. 




I had my first chemo on  1 Feb it was ec .The day of chemo and the following day I was nauseous and headachy , but since then have basically been able to carry on as normal.

I think everyone reacts differently , but there’s no reason why you can’t go if you feel up to it , just maybe keep a mask on.


Hi Mel. 

A lot depends on the chemo regimen you have. Chemo needs to start within 90 days of surgery, according to NICE, so as long as you aren’t triple negative, your oncologist may delay the start for you (but that may just prolong your anxiety). I started with 3 x EC treatments, three weeks apart. In this case, you get steroids to take at home for the next few days so I had more energy than I’ve probably had since my teens! Plus there was medication for nausea/sickness which I’d advise you to take even if you don’t feel sick, just till you know how the drugs affect you. The crash came once the steroids stopped. Fatigue beyond fatigue.

The real issue is how will your immunity be as you will have less control over who you are with, who’s done LFtests and basically how able you are to fight off infection. It’s your first treatment so it may be ok - it takes time for the drug to really get to work. Maybe that’s a question you should ask. You really don’t want to end up in hospital with an infection so soon. It would be sad to miss a family funeral, especially after all the restrictions we’ve been under, but go by your oncologist’s advice, no one else’s,

Best of luck with the chemo xx