After five years of hormonals

Is anyone else very very nervous of stopping their tamoxifen/Arimidex etc. after the alloted five years is up? Am I being stupid in not celebrating the end of my treatment?


I have taken myself off tamoxifen after 3 years due to side effects. I love not taking the pills every day - but I am scared too. take the leap.

I have promised myself that if I have any worries I go straight to the Drs. I am also now really trying to lose wwight and look after myself.

Lisa x

hi chalee

i can imagine how you feel, i think we will always live with bc in the background, but we will hopefully be so busy enjoying life, we dont have so much time to worry. take care. x best wishes for the future.

Hi, I am only one year into Arimidex and although the side effects are rotten I would stay on it forever if it would stop the bl***y thing coming back. I think in America they are now using hormonals for 7 years so perhaps things will change here. Good Luck and try and put it all to the very back of your mind, not always easy I know. I am 62 and was dx in 2007.

funny enough i asked my oncologist about it a couple of weeks ago,
as i’m on Arimidex.
i’ve still got 3 years left of Arimidex but it was on my mind too.

He said he may switch me to Tamoxifen when my 5 year Arimidex ends,
but as i’m a few years away he would review it nearer the time.
He said he had to think very carefully as the long term health effects of Arimidex / Tamoxifen would have to be considered.

Hi there

Although I hate taking these hormonal drugs, I’m grateful that they exist. I only started taking Tamoxifen in October and have been told that I’ll be switched to Arimidex within a couple of years.

I was also told by the Marsden that research is pushing ahead in this area and that 5 years in cancer care is a very long time. They anticipate that I’ll be receiving hormonal treatment for 7 years although can’t be specific yet.


Thanks for your comments girls. My five years should be up next month although I’m sure my GP won’t notice and will keep dishing out the prescriptions, but my next review clinic is in May and I’d like to press for continuing with Arimidex if possible. I just wondered if I was being pathetic! x