After help with ct wait

Hi all you lovely ladies.

I hate to say this but I’m after help from you experienced mets ladies. Thus far I haven’t been diagnosed with secondaries and I’m praying and keeping all fingers and toes crossed that I don’t. However, I’ve just had a very different experience with my most recent CT scan than I’m used to.
I was originally diagnosed oct 2013 with triple pos stage 3 IDC with node involvement. 1 year later a ct showed 7 swollen noses and a mass behind my breast bone that was biopsied and came back benign, thankfully. I have to have this area monitored for regrowth so when my breast surgeon saw me in clinic she told me she was organising a chest ct. she then went on to do my physical examination of my mastectomy site and the very oddly, as she’s never done it before, she examined my liver and at that point she decided to go for a full body ct scan. My appointment was on a Thursday, they ordered the ct Friday, I got the call on Monday and they had me booked in on the Tuesday. That to me is very fast, faster than I’ve dealt with in the past.
I went to clinic for my annual mammo this week and asked to see a breast care nurse about my results because it had been reported. The nurses refused which I found strange because they have always been happy to tell me over the phone. They told me to call the consultants secretary and she will give me my results. I got home and phoned her and she said she needed to speak to a consultant and would phone me back with results as soon as possible. Half an hour later she called back and told me that I can’t have my results until it had been formally discussed in Mondays MDT meeting and she would call me Tuesday to arrange me going in to see the team.
I haven’t had to deal with things this way before, it’s always been so simple and now I’m worried that something has shown up.

Has anybody else had similar experiences and please be brutally honest because I’m better at dealing with things if I know what to expect. I always hate the wait for results but this time feels worse, there’s a proper deep feeling within me that’s saying this is going to be bad. I’m laying eggs for Easter over this but trying so hard to stay sane for my young girls.

Thank you for any help in advance xxxx

Hello and a big welcome to the forum where we all try to support and help everyone here.
Wow …it’s all seems a bit scary for you but different hospitals have their own way of dealing with results etc.
I always have a ct scan two weeks before I see my oncologist for the results and believe me those two weeks are sooo stressful.
Try not to panic too much until u get the results but please post back here and let us know how things are.
In the meantime enjoy sunshine and weekend.

Thanks for the reply. It is hard not to worry only because usually I can telephone the breast nurses after a week and they happily just tell me all is fine. The only other ct I had were the mass was found under my breast bone I’d had done on the Tuesday and had a call to go in for an appointment on the Friday so it’s all new and I’m in such a confused state. I wasn’t even worried about there being anything found until now. The only complaints I have is shoulder pain and a sudden increase in painful acne on my face neck and back. I just put the shoulder pain down as muscular and the acne because I have poly cystic ovaries and assumed it’s my hormones regulating themselves. I’m quite positive all will be well with the results but I’m worried because of the way they’re dealing with it all this time

I think you have to reassure yourself they are checking and double checking your scan to be sure what is happening …so maybe an extra few days will just ensure everything is tickity boo .
The weekend will seem endless but hopefully Monday will bring good news.

Thanks ladies.

Trying to keep myself busy with my 3 girls, fun packed weekend planned x

Hi again

I just thought I’d update you on my ct results.
It came back with 2 lesions on my liver, a larger one that was there on my last ct over a year ago but hasn’t changed in size or shape that they fully believe to be just a simple cyst. The second smaller lesions is new and looks similar to the bigger one but because of my history of cancer and the fact that it has popped up when it wasn’t there previously they are sending me for an MRI to double check that both are in fact cyst and nothing more sinister. I think they will be doing the scan with contrast as I had to have my renal function bloods done before they would book it.
It’s frustrating to be back on the waiting game but I feel far more confident with their diagnosis. The radiologist said that 9 times out of 10 when she says cyst then that’s what they are and the MRI is purely to reassure themselves and me.

Thanks for your help

Thanks for coming back to us and we are keeping our fingers crossed its a cyst and nothing nasty
All the best for results and peace of mind.

Thanks Carolyn

I’m sure all will be fine with it. It doesn’t seem to be getting any easier when dealing with scan results and waiting all the time. So much waiting!