After lumpectomy is that normal the breast to become "hard"?

Hi ladies, do you mind to share your experiences about lumpectomy?

I’m almost one month after lumpectomy. Few days after lumpectomy I could feel a “gap” where the lump was, but now the place is filled with a hard tissue. At the day I realised that it was painful again. Now it’s not painful anymore, but it’s still hard, it feels pretty different from the rest of the breast. I’m not sure if it’s normal or if I should to try to contact my BCN again( as she doesn’t reply my emails anymore.

Thanks for your help,

Carol xx

Hi @Carol Lina – I have the same thing, too; I understand, in my case, that it is scar tissue. But best to contact your BCN to put your mind to rest.


If your breast clinic isn’t a long journey, or you are at the hospital for other reasons, you could always try popping in to see if one of the nurses in the clinic might take a quick look.

Thanks ladies :slight_smile:

I’m feeling more peaceful now knowing I’m not the only one, so it’s probably normal. I’ll get my results next week so I’ll wait for that so they will have a look on it.

Wish you two good luck on your next step :heart: