After Lumpectomy, Stitches Keep Bursting

Hi all!

This is my first post; and I hope this is the right section for this type of question :slight_smile:

My mum had her lumpectomy on September 23, and had no complications until about 10 days later, when her stitches burst open for the first time. Since then, they’ve opened every other day.

The doctors are saying this is common, but in all my research I haven’t heard of this happening. I’m worried its because of her bra; someone told her to get it a size too big and maybe its not giving her enough support?

Has anyone had a similar experience? What finally got your stitches to stop bursting?

(Throughout the whole process, she’s gotten very little guidance from her own doctor/surgeon, so we’re kind of going through this whole thing blindly).

Thanks in advance!

Hi there

I’d be very surprised if this was common. I used to be a nurse and stitches bursting open on any wounds is unusual rather than common.

My stitches came open on my mastectomy wound 2 weeks after surgery and this was for two reasons. I had a large seroma (build up of serous fluid) and also I’d had chemo first and the surgeon thinks it may have impaired the healing process. I had to go back to theatre and have the wound debrided (the edges trimmed) and resutured. The wound had to be debrided to enable the wound to remesh together.

What do you mean they’re bursting open every day? What is being done for this? Has she been back to theatre?

I’d definitely give the helpline a call about this as this isn’t something you want to go on for too long as it could be an infection risk. I’m sure she is, but please ensure your Mum keeps the area clean and dry in the meantime.

Not sure what doctors you’ve spoken to either. I would ring the Consultant’s secretary and inform her of the situation or try and get the breast care nurse to help with this.

Would be good if you could if you could post a bit more info.
Take care
Elinda x