After lumpectomy surgery

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal 4 days ago and the itching on the side of my breast and in my armpit is crazy. Is this normal? Also the dressing keeps peeling away at the edge in my armpit and I am supposed to keep it on for 10 days and not get the area wet. With this hot weather not showering is a no no. How soon can I remove the dressing and gently work around the steri strips?

Hi MichJ

I know that itchy feeling I had a wide excision biopsy on the 12th and the itchy ness is unreal, I’m taking it as it’s the wounds healing (don’t know if that’s the case but makes sense). This heat really is not helpful is it , I’m so hoping for cooler weather soon

Hang in there



Just a thought are you allergic to the dressing?  If I were you I would give your GP surgery a call and ask for an appointment with the nurse who can check things out for you.  I know I am allergic to the waterproof dressings, it is the sticky stuff around the dressing which irritates me.


Helena xx