After Masectomy Check Ups



I am 4 months on from having a Masectomy and direct implant. I did have issues with drains so attended hospital to have fluid remove after seeing Consultant saw me week after surgery… Since then I have had no contact with hospital. I know that I will be seen yearly for 10 years to check other breast is still ok. Nothing was said if I would have other check ups. 


I hate to call Breast Care Nurse as they are so busy and just wondered if I would have a 6 Month check up. I was told to contact if I noticed any changes. All seems to be ok still swollen a bit but hoping this will go and it is taking a bit to get used to the implant. Otherwise doing ok.


Can any one advise if they had a check up procedure.







Hi Nell, I had a mx end of June and only had two follow ups - one after a week to remove the drains and most of the dressings and the one to get the histology results. My BCN did say to contact her if I wanted to but next scheduled appt will be for the yearly mammogram in May. I think I saw someone else on here post about their 6 month check so maybe different areas have slightly different procedures? I think if you are not concerned about anything then its fine to leave it till the yearly check x

Hi ,

I had mx and immediate recon 2 years ago. I’m sure I had more check ups than you mention , think I was seen after a few weeks, then definitely at 6/7 months where I was discharged to yearly mammograms. It does take ages to get used to the football feeling on your chest but eventually it stops twingeing and you don’t notice it. Takes about a year though! Xx

Thank you both for replying I appreciate it.


I just thought there might be a six month checkup and then discharged to yearly. I think I am doing ok but as I have never experienced this before I would just like to have confirmation all is well.


Going to give Breast Cancer Nurse a wee email to check.  


I do feel a difference as the weeks go past and believe I will get used to it. Just wish swelling would go and implant soften.  I think your time of a year is right.


Take care


Nell x

I haven’t seen anyone since last August, I had mastectomy in June. I’m due my annual mammogram next week which I’m dreading! I still have contact with my bcn should I need it though! Xx