After radiotherapy

I finished my 15 sessions of radiotherapy a week ago.


The areola around my nipple is pinkish and a little itchy as is my actial nipple.  I have been using Aveeno through my treatment but it doesnt seem to help with my sore nipple.

can i use sudocrem on my nipple ?  Cant use anything with lanolin in.


any advice will be greatly received.  Thank you .


It may be worth asking the radiotherapy team. When I was sore, they gave me some lovely cream which was honey based ( sorry, cant remember the name). 

Try posting in the radiotherapy section, in the Going through treatment thread. I’m sure there will be ladies on there who can help xx

Just a thought but have you tried Nipple Cream that new mum’s use when breast-feeding?

I’d reccomend Calendula cream and Aloe Vera. As natural as possible. Drink plenty of fluids and eat well if you can. Hope it clears up.

I think you should as your GP.