After surgery, wound area feels hard.

Need a bit of advice. My mum had surgery last month and the past couple of weeks she has noticed that the area around her wound feels quite hard? Is this normal. She mentioned it to her oncologist at her last appt and he said it was normal and nothing to worry about. It is worth speaking to her breast surgeon about it?


Hi Kat


It is very normal to have some hardenning of the tissue around the surgery site due to scar tissue. I had my surgery (lumpectomy) last Sept and even though the scar is now barely visible, the whole area feels hard to the touch - I guess it’s all the internal scarring. Radiotherapy (if your mum is having this) may well alter the breast tissue too.


However, if your mum is worried it won’t do any harm to speak to her BCN or surgeon to put her mind at rest.


Lu x

i experienced the same, the oncology team referred me for physiotherapy where i learnt to manipulate the scar line, must say it has helped and loosened the scar tissue

My scar isnt the problem its under my arm pit but breast side not arm side. I went for physio she jyst told me to massage my arm which obviously was irrelevant to the pain x