After surgery

I had a mastectomy with expandable implant reconstruction yesterday. I’m due to go home tomorrow as blood pressure is too low today.

I thought I would see a breast care nurse to help with bra fitting today but haven’t. The nurse that saw me before surgery said i needed to wear one day and night for 6 weeks after.

Should I be wearing one now? It’s Friday night and there is no one here that seems to know.

I know I’m probably still under the effect of the anaesthetic but the small things are really stressing me :frowning:

I had skin saving mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction 23rd March. Surgeon and BCN told me to wear bra next day. I find it more supportive as my other boob is a G cup. Lou x

Hi, I had as mastectomy with an expander implant, I was told to take some of the comfort bras that you put over your head. I wore these for a couple weeks. They are very comfortable still wearing one at night.


Ann xx

Thank you. I was getting in such a muddle. I am on a general surgery ward and just asked one of the nurses to help me put it on.
I am looking forward to
Going home tomorrow as if eleventh lonely here.

You will be more comfortable and relaxed albeit with a drain at home. Lou x