After Tamoxifen finishes

ladies, can anyone tell me of what effects you had, periods pattern and general wellbeing after Tamoxifen finishes. I will come to the end at end April and wonder how I will feel ???

thanks as ever.

Vez xxxx

Sorry carnt help you im afraid but was just wondrering the same thing myself im due to finish taking it in july dont know whether i should be looking forwards to it or not especially as i have read that sometimes they put you onto letrozole instead i could do with someone to let me know what to expect

Iv not come to the end but have had to stop it twice to have other treatment… Didn’t notice any changes though… I had a mirena coil in the first itime I stopped so didnt get periods, second time Id had a hysterectomy so can’t help on the period question… But I never had particularly bad SEs on tamox after the first 6 months or so and ever noticed anything diff when I stopped.