After tamoxifen

Hi was wondering if anyone has had the same experience as myself after chemo and tamoxifen?
Diagnosed 2008 lumpectomy course of chemo rads and 5 yrs on tamoxifen
Periods stopped when I began chemo only to have returned in April 6 months after finishing tamoxifen, they were really heavy and bang on time for 3 months and now for the past 2 months I have only been having pms without the period ? It’s really freaking me out and wondered if anyone else has experienced this or knows what’s happening
Been to Gp and she examined me and everything looked normal just waiting on referral from gyno
Any comments would be appreciated

You don’t say how old you are, which may have an impact.  I was 44 at diagnosis in 2007, periods stopped on chemo a few months later and stayed away for five years of tamoxifen.  I assumed I was menopausal.  Three months after stopping tamoxifen, at the age of 50, my periods returned.  I had 4 periods over the next 12 months then they stopped, although my hormones were still clearly at work as spots were coming and going every month even if there was no period. 

Hi thanks for the reply roadrunner
I’m 41 soon to be 42
Feel a bit better I’m not the only one experiencing these things I was googling everything to do with tamoxifen and nothing sounded like my situation
After having BC my head runs riot and I think of the worsed at times
I hope your getting back to normal with things
Carly :relaxed: