After Tamoxifen

Hello All,

I have a question for you ladies.

I went to see my Oncologist last week and we talked about what will happen after my 5 years of Tamoxifen which ends next April. He said that he would like me to then have 3 years of Arimidex as tests show that it is beneficial as a follow-up to Tamoxifen.

I am ER+ and had 6/17 nodes positive and"touching wood" so far there are no reacurrances. Any tips on this, are the side effects less or more than Tamoxifen?

My feeling is take whatever they offer to keep it at bay but I would like to hear from those who are doing the same as me or have been on Arimidex please

Thank you


Hi Hazel

I was put on Arimidex rather than Tamoxifen because I had a pulmonary embolism during chemo and Arimidex is less likely to cause clots. Never having had Tamoxifen I can’t compare the two but I can tell you of my experiences of Arimidex, which I have now been on for four years. When I started on it I had some joint pain but not enough to stop me doing anything I wanted to and this went away completely within the first year. I do still have hot flushes, perhaps about 5 every day; these are worst at night and may wake me up briefly a couple of times during a night but again they are not anything I find too difficult to cope with.

I do worry about osteoporosis, which is a possible side-effect of Arimidex, and am arranging to have a bone density scan to check whether I have had any bone loss. I’m not sure if there are any other possibly more serious side-effects - probably worth discussing with your oncologist.

I know some women have had a much harder time on Arimidex than I have, but you could always try it and then stop if the side effects were too bad.

Good luck with your decision - let us know what you finally decide.




I’m on Tamoxifen but my auntie is on Armidex and other than the flushes, she has been fine, we both take Vit E and they seem to mellow them a little, anything is worth a try. Good luck.

Claire x