After treatment

Hi May ladies, I am just popping over from January thread to let you know what to expect when you finish treatment . I had last chemo 9 weeks ago and finished rads just over a week ago. I am feeling pretty well. Hair is getting there slowly and I will probably go hatless in a couple of weeks. Eyebrows and eyelashes have started growing over the last couple of weeks. And shaver is needed for legs again! You will get through this tough time and start feeling better sooner than you think. Hugs xx

Thanks Paloma,
Us ladies from the May starters are pretty much half way through chemo and really feeling a bag of mixed emotions getting through it. It is so helpful to hear from people who have come through it before us. The words of advice and encouragement are so welcome xx

Thanks Paloma. June thread still in early stages. I had my second yesterday. Headachy and queasy today! Thanks for letting us know what the timescale is. That is really helpful. Kx

Thanks Paloma, good to know you are feeling so good post treatment… I’ve only had 2 FECs so far, 1 more to go then 3 x T… not sure what to expect from that.  So far had sickly feeling, groggy head and sore mouth… but not too bad, bouncing back after a week  or so.   Fingers crossed it lasts… when did eyelashes and eyebrows go?


Hi Paloma

I’m still waiting for the leg hair to go! How long did that take? I’ve done 3x EC so far. 1 more of them then 12 Taxol.