After treatmeny

I had a lumpectomy in April the 3 weeks radiotherapy , started tamoxifen in June . Was feeling ok more energy . Then 6 weeks on I feel very fatigued , no energy and like I have flu ! I s this normal ??

I think it’s very normal Oscar -certainly after my rads finished I felt very “flat” and as though “Is that it then?”  whereas I had been upbeat and positive throughout diagnosis and treatment, and didn’t feel especially fatigued during rads although had been warned I would. My theory is that during the weeks after diagnosis we are on high alert - sort of “right, let’s get this thing sorted then” with no time to really think in between all the appointments. Then when active treatment is over I think we find there is time to begin to process what we have been though and it is a process and takes time. Obviusly if you do have flu then you need to treat the symptoms of that, but my suggestion would be to rest when you need to, don’t rush back to work or any other major commitment if you can manage it, and be kind to yourself - don’t minimise what has occured and expect to be “back to normal” even if those around us often think that we should. X

Thank you optimissy64
Yes it is a strange feeling after leaving the hospital ! I just panic with every twinge I have thinking the worst ! I’m back at work soon so hopefully it will make me feel more normal !! Thanks again xx