--after Zoladex / still on tamoxifin / fibriods

–after Zoladex / still on tamoxifin / fibriods

–after Zoladex / still on tamoxifin / fibriods —Has anyone else had same / similiarproblem- finished zoladex 9 months ago had one period now having investigations due to pelvic pain / back/pain /leg pain. Looks hopefully like fibriods but even so could be looking at hysterectomy - yippee - we ladies get all the fun! feeling very low about all this. Asked to stay on zoladex after the 2 years bur told 2 years optimum time to stay on it. am still on tamoxifin for another 2 years. Am 48.

for older ladies am replying to myself as no replies! - should there be a section for older ladies such as me as my probs do not seem to reflect others?

Hi Jane Sorry you haven’t had any replies so far. I’m afraid that though I had side-effects from tamoxifen, they were different from yours and my hysterectomy preceded my bc by nearly 10 years and was for a very different reason. I do hope that the doctors can deal with your symptoms without you having to have more surgery. It is really hard sometimes when our treatment for bc seems to cause more problems than it solves.

Good luck
Love Kathy xxx

thanks for replying Kathy

Hi Jane I was originally diagnosed in 1991 and took tamoxifen for 5 years. Within 2 months of stopping the medication (in October 1996) I had all sorts of gyny problems including severe pains in my hips and back and was eventually was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst which was removed in 1997. I fought not to have a total hysterctomy as I felt as if they were taking away my femininity bit by bit BUT in 2001 another small cyst was discovered on my remaining ovary which was monitored and in 2004 I had a total hysterctomy. The hystectomy was a big operation but I feel it was a good decision and with hindsight should have had it done in 1997 but I was only 39 then.

Of course I immediately went into the menopause and as I’m sure you know we can’t take HRT but it hasn’t been too bad. I’m not sure whether it was just coincidence or whether it was the Tamoxifen but I totally understand how you must be feeling right now. Hope everything works out ok for you. Let me know how you get on.

Sharon x

thanks Sharon

am having hysteroscopy and laparoscopy on 24th - have decided that if asked will have total hyst - have already been through menopause once! so 2nd time should be easier! good luck

jane 66 Just read your profile, and although my bc experience is different to yours, I feel that I understand what you mean when you say you are sometimes alone. If you read my profile you will know why.

I am due my reconstruction on Friday and am scared stiff. My husband is a teacher , and like you loves his job. Hope all goes well on the 24th.

good luck with your reconstruction - I had saline implant and that caused me no probs infact I was able to read the whole of the latest harry Potter at the time and felt up to visitors - had not during masect operation!
Reconstruction is a step towards gaining control of your life, try writing down your goals for next week. month. year . 2 years and how you will get there it really helps - honest!

Hi jane 66 I was scanning the forums to try and find some info on Tamoxifen and came across your posting.
My problem is slightly different to yours but just thought you might be able to help.

I had mastectomy and recon but no other treatment two years ago. Recently consultant decided to put me on tamoxifen to help with the many benign lumps I am getting in my remaining breast.

I was under the gyne for some small fibroids and period trouble. Two weeks after starting the tamox I started a period which has not stopped. I am trying to find out if this sort of thing is a side effect of tamoxifen.

I was told I could have menopausal symptoms but thought that meant fewer periods not more!!!

I hope you got your problems sorted.


more info - scopic treatment Monday I had cyst removed from each ovary - walnut size - and scar tissue removed (fibriod?) seems to be that the fibriods caused the bleeding and may not have been having periods! - all done scopically throught he wonders of medical science!

am sore but hope that this has done the trick - been told to wait for 2 months and if n ot settled down then need hysterectomy!

Hi Jane Hi Jane,

I was diagnosed in 2003 at the age of 41 with two grade 3, oestrogen-positive, herceptin-negative tumours. I underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment - zoladex and tamoxofen.

I finished two years of zoladex last November. Much to my surprise my oncologist suggested that I gave up tamoxofen too. Apparently there is no difference for women with aggressive cancers whether you take zoladex and tamoxofen both for two years or whether you take zoladex for two years and tamoxofen for five years. As there are small risks involved in taking tamoxofen I agreed to give it up.

So far I haven’t had any periods but I am feeling much less tired. I have had some joint pain since giving both drugs up (wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, hips and along my thigh bone) but this all seems to have disappeared with the warmer weather.

I hope everything goes well with the investigations.

Best of luck,