aftercare after mastectomy

Hi everyone. I had a left mastectomy and sentinal node biopsy a week ago. Although I was home the next ,and have been fine in myself, I never got any advice on when I can bathe the area or put anything on it like bio oil. All I was told was that I’ll get my results appointment for 2 weeks. Anyone any advice?

Hi glad to hear you are recovering well.

When I had my mastectomy & SNB I had waterproof dressings on & was told not to get the area wet. The original dressings weren’t changed until I went for my results appointment - smelt a bit like an old fox by then!!
As for Bio oil was advised not to use until wound fully healed.

Look after yourself - Hugs x

I had snb and mastectomy back in march and 3 other surgeries since. Each time i have used bio oil about 2 weeks after the intial surgery until this last time…somebody suggested buying Vitamin E capsules and cutting the end off them and putting that on my scar - the difference has been amazing! It is much thicker than bio oil and takes a while to absorb but feels wonderful going on and i have a lovely neat, clean scar on my back from the ld flap.

good luck


Deed - that’s great advice, thank you! I shall try that in a couple of week’s time…

Scardylady - I had a left mx and axillary clearance last Friday, and I didn’t get any info either - aside from a bit of paperwork which warned against the perils of wet shaving.

I just asked on another thread about washing/deodorant on that side, and the other ladies have replied that I should only use water, no soap and keep away from the dressing. Haven’t noticed a smell from that area…yet… but it’s early days!! I’ll try to remember to ask the district nurse when she comes tomorrow.

Hope you get your appt. date through soon, and that you’re feeling good still. Have you had your drain removed yet? I’m not even sure how long the dissolvable stitches on my mx wound last for… Would be so good if I could think of these questions at a sensible moment, ie…BEFORE being discharged from hospital…

Sophie xxxx

Hi and big hugs to everyone! thanks for the advice its such a pain but still I.m managing to sit in a bath with lovely bubble bath in if nothing else. I must say I’ve been disappointed in my BCN I’ve not heard from hr at all. I had my drain out 2 days after the op and I can honestly say it was the worst part. All of you take care

Karen - Oh you’ve brought back memories of how I longed to be able to lie in a deep bubble bath!

Deed - thanks for the advice on vit E capsules - will use that when I have reconstruction in January. xx

I had a left mastectomy with lymph node removal on 10th November. Home next day with loads of paperwork but no advice. When I had a look at the site I had a T shaped wound. I asked my BCN about this and she doesn’t know why this would have been done. Had my drains out and now have a build up of fluid. This has been drained once but is filling up again. All BCN said was that she would ring with results and that I was 8 out of 8 hormone positive. Panicking slightly as I do not know what will happen next…

Anyone got any advice please

hi Joycee78, i had the same as you on oct 1st, not t shaped wound tho, i had mine drained twice and then it started to go hard so they didnt drain it again, it has started to go down but keep an eye on it, mine is very red and bit warmer than boob that is left so on course of antibiotics for infection, also was told not to push down or pull on arm same side as mx, i sat on the edge of bath ans washed for a week or so as was difficult but now i get on my knees to get out that way im not pressing on arm, hope this is little bit helpful, julie x

Thanks Julie. Are you to have chemo and rads? Did they say if yours was hormone positive? It seems to have settled a little overnight, but will see what happens when I get up and about today.

Thanks again xx

hi joycee78, yes chemo to start on 26th not sure bout rads yet, yes it is hormone positive so will have tamoxifen, also had to have mirena coil out today as it was progesterone positive too, mine seems to settle more overnight, just dont do too much during the day, hugs julie xx

At least I dont have that problem, theyv’e already taken my womb but left the ovaries. Going for the fluid to be drained tomorrow thank goodness. Good luck with everything Julie and thanks to all the other ladies for all their great advice on these forums xx

thanks joycee78, i hope it all settles down soon for you xx

hi, i had left side mastectomy and strattice reconstruction with implant and sentinel node biopsy 4 lymph nodes removed 13 dec, i wasnt told bout showering etc, was only in hospital 2 days, i have phoed ward up twice to ask etc about showering and been told different things of eachnurse i spoke to!!! aaaaarrggh!! im seeing my surgeon tuesday to have my drain removed, my armpit is smelly i have been washing 3 times a day, does anyone know if there is any deoderant cream or lotion or anything that i can use!!! how soon can i use hair remover etc etc so many questions i should ov really asked before i was discharged!!! Any advice woud be really appreciated!!! xxxxx

Hi all - I had a mastectomy with strattice tissue expander and reduction to other side 2nd Dec. When my drain was removed I also had some swelling but it does go down. I too had antibiotics and still have redness. I was told not to ever wet shave under arm where lympth nodes were taken and not to use deodorant for 4 weeks. I have bought a electric lady shave.

I was told to use deodorant and shower gel with no perfume. I am using Simple shower gel from Boots and use a thai deodorant stone which is totally natural, my BCN said this was perfect. You can order one from a website, the company is called Amphora Aromatics they are about £7.

Hope this helps. Julie x