Again!!! Oh my…after years, 8 from the start to finish (or so we thought) it has come back!! My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer about 8 years ago, she had an op which removed the best part of her breast and corresponding lymphnodes followed by chemo and radiotherapy. Also she was on tamoxifen, which she came off a couple of years ago and everything was fine…until a few days ago. She got the results from, what started as a recall mamogram and now is confirmed as, a recurrence. At the mo we are not sure the next course of action…mastectomy, chemo or both!!! Waiting on yet more tests!

As my mum’s only daughter, i have 2 brothers, i am the one she talks too!! It’s so hard…it’s happening again!! I’m trying to think positive and am putting quite a good face on it but inside i feel like i’m spinnning out of control. Hope you don’t mind buti feel like here is the only place i can say that ‘virtually’ out loud!!!

Didn’t want to see your post go unanswered.

Sorry to hear your mum is going through it all again. This is such an unpredictable beast, and it is particularly hard to see its reappearance after such a long interval.

Wishing her all the very best for whatever follows.


8 years is a long time and treatments have come a long way since then and there are also lots of new and different drugs which target BC.

I was first dx 8 years ago in 1998 when I was 33 but i’ve not been as lucky (and i use that term very lightly) as your mum as I had a recurrence in 2003 with mastectomy followed by chemo. more recurrence in 2004 more chemo & herceptin and dx in feb 2006 with secondaries so even more chemo.

No matter where your mum is at the moment with regard to BC there are still lots and lots of options for her. Is she ER+ and HER+, if she is there are even more options open to her than if she was ER- and HER-. I must add that if she is ER- and HER- these tumours tend not to be as aggressive.

I hope i’ve helped you to stop spinning out of control or atleast slowed you down! Please let us know how your mums results go

Best regards


i can’t begin to feel what you are feeling.
i have gone through this desease and so have delt with it from my point of view.
now from a loved ones view, it must be so painful for you.
come on here and scream and shout, we will try to help you.
sharon. x

I couldn’t let you post go unanswered. I’m really sorry to hear your mum’s news. It’s so hard. As the others have said there is so much they can do today and I’m sure every effort will be made to give your mum the best possible treatment.

I think the hardest thing sometimes is keeping a brave face on it all, I know I felt that I shouldn’t be getting upset, after all I’m not the one having to go through it all but it is shocking, upsetting and bewildering.

I was with my Mum when she was advised to have chemo post mastectomy. Mum took it well at the time but I fell apart, completly bloody useless but I guess it had to come out somewhere. Just wish I hadn’t lost it at that particular point!

I have found this forum really useful and very supportive - you don’t feel on your own.

Anyway good luck and keep posting.

lambster x

Thanks Have stopped spinning…now just a gentle twirl!!!

Thanks for your kind words of support. It is very hard and frustrating watching someone you love go through this again!! Having websites and forums like this are fantastic as they give you the opportunity to communicate with people in similar situations. There is so much more advice and support than there was 8 yeas ago.

Now playing the waiting game, tests test and more tests until Mum finds out exactyl how much damage this horrid disease has done.

Thanks again