Age 25 referral to breast specialist- im scared

im 25 and have felt tender around both breasts last few weeks but my left breast is slightly bigger.- i also noticed a tiny purple marking on my left inner side of breast few weeks ago. No other symptoms

Been to the docs today and he said he didnt feel any lumps but did feel a lumpy area like a cord on outer lower left breast

He said he doesnt think its serious but ita better to check it out so hes referring me to breast specialist.

I have no family history of BC and no symptoms like discharge etc. It wasnt painful when he was checking my breasts but its aching since. And it hurts if i press hard on breast bone and areas but its same both sides.

I last went to docs in 2016 where i thought i felt a lump in left breast but doc said they couldnt feel it and my breasts were generally lumpy and it could of been a breast mouse.

I am so worried! All i can think is the worst!



Hello and welcome to the forum. 


Your GP is doing absolutely the right thing by referring you to the breast clinic as they are the experts but what you need to keep in mind that there are a lot of benign breast conditions it can be if that is the case.


Your breast are probably aching because of being pushed and prodded, also perhaps if you are near your period that could also account for the discomfort.


I know it is easy to say, but try not to worry, bc in ladies of your age is very rare but you are absolutely right to get it checked out for your own peace of mind


Sending you hugs and let us know how you get on if you want to.


helena xxx

Thank you for that. Its just the wait and the worry :frowning:
Im trying to think positive because i dont have any symptoms and the doctor said he doesnt think its sinister… but i wont know until i have tests

I went through the same worry and panic after my first smear test came back high grade last year.

Also the pain isnt from my breast tissue i dont think, its sore when i press on chest wall, ribs, upper arms and below arm pits