Age 31 - Just Diagnosed

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer and I sm sooo scared. I keep hearing that because I am young it doesn’t look good for me. I had a sentinal node biopsy on Friday and a CT scan on Thursday, I then have a bone scan on Tuesday. My doc has already said I will be having chemo followed by Radiology. Just waiting for the test results now to see if its spread.
Does anyone have any positive stories for surviving this disease at my age??

Kerry Rose

There is a really good story in BCC mag (called Vita) about a lady who had BC 40 years ago - that’s pretty good! Also another lady in my village had her BC 15 years ago she had lumpectomy and radiotherapy, tamoxifen and then went on to have 2 children.

All the best Wizz

Hi Kerry Rose,

I was DX at 29 and currently undergoing chemo. I think its harder being younger as I have only met one other young woman at chemo however this site has been a fantastic resource.

I think as we are young our cells are growing faster so means we are more likely to higher grade cancer but doesn’t mean you will have secondaries. I have had a bone scan and ct head scan due to symptoms and they have both come back clear.

Good luck for your tests and remember there are people here to listen and support you. we are all going through this together.

take care


Hi Kerryrose

Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis.

I’ve recently been diagnosed and I am 37. So not quite as young as you but still realtively young in BC terms.I’ve read things like that too but try not to focus on it. Every case is different- I think Kylie was in her later thirties when diagnosed and she seems to look pretty good!!

I’ve got two young children and intend to be around to see their grandchildren grow up!!

I’m very early on in my BC journey and I’m in for a WLE this week. I have no idea of grade/stage or if it has spread. I agree that it is really scary and I’ scared too. Keep chatting and there are loads of people on here who can support and listen.

love Freddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I was 32 when diagnosed over 4 years ago. I too had all the tests you described and believe this is pretty typical following a diagnosis of breast cancer regardless of age so don’t panic. I was also grade 2 and had clear nodes but the size of tumour put me into the chemo bracket. I coped well, working when i felt up to it and since completion of radio have been on tamoxifen with relatively few side effects. I have since returned to work full time, got a great promotion and returned to my part-time masters course. Best wishes over the next few weeks and months ahead.

Thanks for your replys, I do feel a bit more positive now. As the days go by you do sort of deal with it in your head. Bone scan tomorrow then just the wait as I think my doc is waiting to get all the results together before seeing me. I am hoping to have them before the weekend but what with the easter break I am not sure. I will let you know how I get on.

Good luck wiht your results.

I was diagnosed at 35 last February with grade 3 and 1 node involved. Ive had masectomy, chemo, rads, ovaries removed, on arimidex and having another masectomy later this year(due to BRCA1) and have lymphodema. I worked most of the way through it, taking some days off on chemo bad days and part time through rads. Its hard, but doable. Ive kept up my social life and although have days of sheer panic life goes on and Im doing fun stuff again this year.

Hope things go well and you get the support you need xx


I was diagnosed in january this year, i’m 28 yrs old.

the tumour was grade 3 but it was quite small (11mm) i had a lumpectomy 27th feb and now im undergoing the chemo, followed by radiotherapy, 5yr tamoxifen, and herceptin as i am also HER-2+.

Just like you i am very scared… i had a CT scan and a MRI scan and results came back clear which was great news.

Best thing i do is look at Kylie Minogue as an inspiration, although she was slightly older than me when she was diagnosed she still looks great… and she managed to look fab whilst going through the treatment herself!

em x

Hey KerryRose,
I have just had my 1 yr since diagnosis anniversary, and I was diagnosed at 32. The statistics I have heard are good and my onc and consultants have never been anything less than positive about my survival. I had a wide local excision and full node clearance, then a reexcision as my margins weren’t good on 1 side. I had 3 out 10 nodes involved, survived 6 sessions of chemo and 25 sessions of radiotherapy. I am now on tamoxifen for 5 yrs. To be honest and I know right now you don’t feel this could be the future but it all feels like a distant memory to me now (5 months after finishing rads). Yes there are things that remind me I had cancer but I am back to how I was before my op’s, I’m back at work and living life to the full again. Everyone says I had a very positive outlook and I never laid down to the treatment.
You will get there honey, it takes time but rest assured every lady on here will help you as best they can from afar.

You take care and stay strong