Aged 29 and dent (dimple)

Hi all, I was wondering if any body can give me some advise please.

I have had 2 children and my boobs was on the soft side, around a year ago I noticed a slight dimple on my right breast but didn’t bother getting it looked at, for around 6 months the pain is unreal like I’m breast feeding all over again and now the pain has started in my left breast well the side of it, it goes up into my armpit and both the breasts are hard and have never been like that. I went to the doctors in the middle of last year and they said my was just my hormones but I don’t have periods so I don’t see how it can be. I had a blood test everyhi g was ok.

I returned to my gp last Friday because I have got family history of bc they have referred my to the bc clinic.

The dent is bigger then it first was a year ago, and the pain is getting worse, and they are bigger then ever. Bearing in mind they have always been small, can some one explain what they will do to me and what are the chances and has anybody had a similar experience… I go to the clinic on the 16th it was an urgent appointment.

Thanks for reading xx

Hiya, you have taken the first step in seeing your Gp and getting a referal, the general guideline is to be seen within 2 weeks so don’t be thinking it must be bad as you are being seen urgently it’s just how it is, i lost my mum to breast cancer so the word urgent was used but I was seen within the 2 weeks which I now know is the norm.

They are lovely at the clinics and treat you with compassion and kindness, I felt in very safe hands. 

The usual is to see a consultant for a physical check then a mammogram and ultrasound and biopsy if needed, due to your age they may not do a mammogram as younger breast tissue is very dense and things can’t always been seen on the images properly, they aim to try and give you an answer on the day hopefully that all is well but if a biopsy is needed then it’s a week or so wait for results.

There is no way of knowing what’s going on for sure without having these tests but the majority of ladies will go home with the all clear, it really is only the minority of us who are actually diagnosed with Breast cancer.

I know it’s hard with all the waiting but try not to convince yourself things will be bad as it’s more likely they won’t , keep yourself busy and tell yourself you won’t worry unless you have too! Xx Jo 


Thanks chick, it’s hard to not think what if. But because I have had it for over a year and the pain has never really settled it has got me wondering, I’m sorry to hear about your mum. It’s an awful disease, hopefully I do get the results on the day, I’m just really nervous that’s all. X