Aid to Emotional Recovery after BC

Aid to Emotional Recovery after BC

Aid to Emotional Recovery after BC Anyone else tried the new CD “An Aid to Emotional Recovery after Breast Cancer” by Michael Mahoney?

I just bought it and am listening nightly with my husband. (He needs help to recover from the trauma of the last 12 months as much as I do). I dont know yet what the end result will be but we look forward to listening to it as it makes you feel so relaxed and good about yourself and already after only 4 days listening I DEFINITELY feel more positive and at peace with myself. This is despite the fact that I have an appointment this Friday re: a new lump near my mastectomy scar.

It cost about £11 and I can only say give it a try if you need help. It’s got to be better than the Prozac that my GP prescribed for me (he decided that I’m depressed but I know that I only need time to recover and renew my energy levels).

Hope it helps.

Thanks! Hi Janice

Thanks for telling us about the CD, I sent for details on it last week, but after reading your posting Ill send for it.

Good luck with the lump, I had a new lump on the site, but it turned out to be fat necrosis, the surgeon had gone in for another look at my lymph nodes when she was doing my mastectomy, so fingers crossed for you.

Love Debbie x

Aid to Emotional Recovery from BC I too have just purchased this CD and listened to it for the first time today.

I already feel much more relaxed and hopeful.

Thank you… for recommending this cd-I have ordered one and hope it can help me. I coped with my surgery,chemo and radiotherapy really well (horrible but got on with it -as we all do )but since the “hands on” treatment finished I’ve turned into a wreck----I’m in a permant state of tension and anxiety which I just can’t seem to shake off, even though I have been so lucky regards my diagnosis/treatment.
Just want to feel normal again-am I asking too much?
We’re going on holiday in a couple of weeks(me,hubby,3 kids and son’s friend) and feel really guilty that I just can’t get excited about it at all, worry,worry,worry.

Me too!! I too have finished treatment lump/mastec/rads/chemo and although I had two lumps the prog was quite good as there was no lymph nodes involved and they had clearance, the first was grade 2 and the second was benign to grade 1, I am now on Zoladex and Arimadex and as I WAS er + 100% I am going to ask for either my ovaries out or a hysterectomy. Although I have now started a new job (15 hours a week) everybody seems to think that its business as usual!! Every little pain or ache I get I am worried sick about, I feel really weepy and sometimes wonder how much more I can take. Im glad to know that there are others out there who feel the same. (Im not like this all the time, I ry to get out every day walking with my new puppies, and I try always when Im outside to have a smile on my face.

Love Debbie x

Me too I think that most of us feel the same - having read other postings about depression/anxiety/fears, etc when treatment finishes.

That’s just where I am too. Treatment (mastectomy, chemo & rads) finished in Dec 05 and I had a party to celebrate the end of it all but have had two false scares since and am currently in the middle of another. Will it ever end?

It’s very hard to be positive and move on and get on with life - that’s what we all want. If this CD helps (and so far it’s had a very positive effect on me after 9 days use) then that would be an answer to prayer for many of us.

Those of you who are trying it, please post feedback if it works for you so that others can benefit. I will too of course.

I really hope that it helps us all.

Best wishes to all of you,

C.D Hi Janice

Thanks for this info looked into it only to find out it is my own Medical Centre which I am being treated for depression after Breast Cancer haveing never been told about Michael (bet is office is next door to my doctors) I will be looking into this C.D

Thanks Again