Air travel risk of lymphoedema

Can anyone help. 
Is it true that air travel can cause the start of lymphoedema.

hoping someone can tell me before I book holiday



I’m not sure and I’m not a medical expert but I have lymphodema in both arms and I do fly if I need to. I don’t think it makes it worse. I think that holiday is more important. 

Hi @Bondgirl  

I would agree with @AniaRz  I don’t believe flying increases the risk of developing lymphoedema (are you maybe thinking of deep vein thrombosis which is a very different condition?)

To reduce the risk of lymphoedema you need to be careful to avoid any infection in your affected arm, so that is why you are advised to wear gloves when gardening, avoid injections and keep a careful eye on insect bites. I was advised that as soon as I see anything unusual as a result of a cut to let the lymphoedema clinic know as it is possible to receive treatment before it develops 

I hope this helps

AM xxx