Alcohol and Chemo?



So, I start perjeta on Monday and then herceptin and chemo on Tuesday (it’s my first round).

However, I booked a prosecco afternoon tea for mother’s day which I will be going on tomorrow with my mum, as I want it to be as normal a day as possible for her.

However… my only concern is if I have maybe 2 glasses of prosecco, will this affect my blood readings on Monday? I’m a little bit worried about it- I’m 25 and still trying to enjoy life!


My oncologist’s advice was everything in moderation! Including alcohol. Enjoy your afternoon with your mum. Once you get into chemo your taste buds may change and to me wine tasted like vinegar!? which meant that I just didn’t fancy it. So go for it girl. It’s an important day, and give your mum an extra hug I am sure she is worried sick about you.



My oncologist said I can have gin and tonic if I wanted to because they were giving so many chemicals it would not matter BUT I think he knew it would taste awful and that I would not be touching any booze!


I did have a glass of wine towards the end of my good week (just before you have the next round) but seriously nothing tastes any good. Even getting enough to eat and drink is a struggle.


I had Herceptin and if you get aches and pains or a running nose be sure to take a couple of claritin hay fever tablets every 12 hours (that is twice what it says on the packet). This is why: