alcohol and radiotherapy

Hi all. can anyone help me re this? My family have paid for a special night out for me which has been arranged for weeks. Unfortunately my condition has deteriorated, and so I will be having radiotherapy to help with the pain, right in the middle of this night out. Is it possible to have a couple of drinks? I’m not drinking much anyone anyway. Thanks.

Hi,  I drank thoughout radiotherapy and never had any ill effects so I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t enjoy yourself with a little tipple! Hope it helps you relax and enjoy your evening out , best of luck with your treatment ? xx Jo 

Hi imac55,


I finished radiotherapy last Monday and I had the odd glass of wine with meals during my treatment and didn’t notice any side effects so I think you will be ok as long as you do not drink too much.

Hope you enjoy your special night out. 

Eileen. xx

Thanks ladies. Managed to get this confirmed today at my radiotherapy planning ct scan. Really looking forward to a great night. Wondering how the pain will be. If I do have alcohol, can’t have pain killers.

i doubt it’s good to drink during this :frowning: