Alcohol and tamoxifen

Hi ladies
I have been reading up a lot about the dangers of alcohol for estrogen receptive breast cancers , and how it can interfere with the effects of Tamoxifen, and I’m a bit miffed to be honest. The guidelines are a glass of wine a week . Seriously? I don’t drink much but would like maybe 2-3 glasses a week . How do others feel about alcohol? The evidence is there plain and simple, but I fought hard for my life and want to enjoy it too!!!

Hi Lisa,

Of course it’s a good idea to take note of evidence & guidelines are just that - guidelines.

I’ve decided to take note & I enjoy my glass of wine, moderately of course, but I’m not going to fret about it.

Statistically, anything is a risk & we all need to get on with our lives.





There is no point in going through all the treatment only to end up with a life you can’t enjoy.  Life is for living.  I don’t drink much - rarely more than two glasses of wine in an evening - and I try to have some days each week alcohol free.  But this isn’t rigid.  On holiday I’ll happily drink every day and not worry about it.

Yolo as my daughter would say. I don’t drink more than one or two g&ts in the week and over a weekend one bottle of wine. I think life is for living. Enjoy the things that make it worth all the crappy treatment we’ve had to put up with.


I also enjoy my wine I usually have 2 glasses a night and a little more on weekends

I have been beating myself up about this as stats and research points to links with alcohol and breast cancer

Having been diagnosed with oestrogen receptive cancer it’s always bothering me that my drinking may have caused it 

But here I am still drinking but feeling even more guilty and selfish

But am so struggling  with all these facts and figures

To hell with feeling guilty ladies! I love a G&T and a glass or 3 of wine and that hasn’t changed since my diagnosis! i refuse to believe I’ve had BC because of anything I’ve done , I won’t take the blame! My mum died of BC and she never smoked or drank her entire 60 years! Cheers ???

hi lurtj, pls don’t beat yourself up about this! Like you, I enjoy my wine, but as a compromise I have recently started having a couple of nights off it a week, which means I enjoy a glass more on the other nights. I’ve discovered angostura bitters in tonic with ice & lime on my ‘off’ nights - 4-6 drops in tonic, v nice!
I also refuse to feel any guilt on this, on asking about alcohol my surgeon said ’ don’t worry, non - drinkers get it too…’ & at my discharge appt with the onc, he just said not to overdo it … so cheers! ??
ann x

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Thanks everyone who replied/commented
Makes me feel lot better and not alone as many of you are exactly the same as me