Alcohol whilst on Tamoxifen!

Help!  I am now panicking!


I started taking Tamoxifen back in February and I was not told not to drink alcohol and even the enclosed leaflet doesn’t mention it. Now a friend who has been through breast cancer and is also on Tamoxifen says she was told not to drink any alcohol at all. Whilst going through chemo and rads I asked about drinking alcohol and was told it was fine and no-one discussed Tamoxifen with me as I was just given the prescription. Of course I have now read loads of things on the internet and am worrying myself sick.  I am not a big drinker but did enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine on a Fri and Sat and thought I was doing everthing right and now I find this out. Thought I was getting past the worries! :frowning:




I’ve been on it for a month and I still drink, oncologist said to limit it to 2 bottles of wine per week but never said not to drink, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane!! Xx

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Hello ladies,

Just saw my oncs at The Royal Marsden and they are world leaders in BC. Was advised to keep to 6-7 units a week of alchohol whilst on Tamoxifen so we can drink.

Cheers ladies xxxx

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I wonder why only 6 to 7 units. Anyone have any ideas. I thought safe limit was 14 units per week. Is it to do with the tamoxifen or is it to do with safer limits when you’ve had breast cancer.

It could be because Tamoxifen can rarely cause liver enzymes to rise, as is the case with me. It’s not on the contraindications leaflet for some reason, but when I saw a liver specialist after the enzyme reading kept rising, he agreed that the Tamoxifen was probably to blame. However, he did say I could see out the treatment safely (I finish Tamoxifen in Autumn 2016 and will switch to Letrozole for a couple of years).


I used to drink a glass of wine daily before dx, now I only have about one glass of wine about every other month, otherwise I get a bad stomach ache if I have much more. Now I don’t really miss it.


Our livers don’t really like alcohol, but I think if you can tolerate the odd drink now and again then that’s fine. After all, stress is the worst thing for us, and wine is incredibly relaxing!


If you find you start getting stomach ache or discomfort on the right hand side just below the ribs, then see your GP who can run blood tests to check your liver function.


As I said, it is a rare side effect of Tamoxifen, which is an excellent drug and has saved many lives.


Cheers!   (Lifting glass of fruit juice)!

I asked my oncologist and surgeon about continuing to drink after diagnosis and both seemed surprised I had asked ! I think I asked because looking on the American sites the ladies there seem to often be advised to stop . I decided if the docs here thought we should stop they would tell us so have carried on with my ( one ) glass of wine a night but Everyone has to do what makes them most comfortable . I have been on tamoxifen just over 2 years.

I am very partial to a wine or 3 but my gut feeling is that it doesn’t combine well with tamoxifen. I feel better when I’ve not had a drink for a while. That said, I continue to tipple at the weekends.