alendronic acid and teeth

I may well be needing to have a tooth out due to a mouth abscess i’ve had on the roof of my mouth for ten months.Nothing has worked and i’ve lost bone from the tooth and had it root filled.I’d need a denture as its at the front and my dentist-who has been so good and I trust- says she can remove it there.BUT I’ve been resisting as I know the risks as i’m on alendronic acid so would probably need it done in hospital.I cant just leave this abscess.However i havent had an infusion since last March and abscess started just after that.Tooth is on top set not bottom.Anyone know if i’m still at risk or ok to have tooth done at dentist? I’ll probably ring Macmillan and check but just wondered.Have been reading about all sorts of side effects from alendronic acid and people giving up on it.I was just told at the time that I must take it.Have other people given up and for what readons? X

Hi Treeze, I’m on zoladronic acid (zometa) nor sure if that’s the same thing? It’s a bone strengthening bisphosphonate.

I understand it stays in the body for some time, so you really need to take advice from dentist and oncologist. There’s a risk of jaw necrosis.