All at sea

Hi all, 

Like many people here, I’m in shock. I’ve been diagnosed, but I don’t know the details or treatment plan yet so I don’t know how bad it is. How do I deal with the overwhelming sense of dread? terrible anxiety. Treatment plan tomorrow (Fri) so that may help to have next steps in place. I’m just finding it hard to be positive, all suggestions welcome …!


Hi Karzo 

I’m sorry you find yourself in this position but you really will find this website useful and reassuring. You may be tempted but I strongly advise you not to google anything - the results aren’t matched to your unique diagnosis, let alone personality. Any questions, ring the nurses at the number above or post in the forums. People are really helpful.

How do you deal with the overwhelming sense of dread? Maybe start with the fact that recovery after treatment results are high and getting higher every year. You’ll have an oncology team which will tailor your treatment to your specific diagnosis. This may change several times before they get it precisely (I had 5 diagnoses). You focus on the good things - it’s been diagnosed, you have a team of experts looking after you, you have the right treatment plan… Try not to focus on the transient things like possible hair loss (not surprisingly, it does grow back and feels amazing for a few weeks), unbalanced boobs, scars, being sick with chemo (highly unlikely nowadays). 

Your anxiety is perfectly natural and you ‘diagnose’ it perfectly. You’re in the initial shock stage. Tomorrow you may experience relief, dread, fear, confidence - who knows? Take it one step at a time and you will get through whatever lies ahead. Meantime, focus on the anxiety. I always recommend Progressive Hypnosis videos on YouTube. I’m off to do one after this! An hour or so of peace works wonders.

All the best tomorrow. Have your questions written down and if possible, take someone in with you who can take notes because, believe me, you will feel your mind has turned to mush and forget a lot of what you’re told. Good luck xx


Hi….it is all totally all consuming and overwhelming, somehow we all have to find a way that helps us get through day by day or even hour by hour! I hope your appointment gives you some sort of clarity moving forward with a treatment plan.

Good luck with your appointment today , thinking of you x

Hi @karzo , I hope your treatment plan meeting went ok today. You’re in a safe place here, with many Forum users keen to show support, and Breast Cancer Now staff helping out too.

If today’s meeting leaves you with some questions, please remember we are here and happy to talk things through at your own pace. You can call our support line on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm), or if you prefer you can leave a message for our nursing team without even leaving the Forum, in our Ask Our Nurses boards.

Sending positive thoughts your way

Bernard x