All over

Well back home sore bruised blood presser drops nearlypass out the had to drink 2jugs so water 2coffees operation 2 hours had to wait till I passed Warter 8 hours before I could come home could not sandwhich throat too sore. Docter cam round got all out some fro arm pit to look at appointment in post x2 weeks is the worse. District nurse 10 July just hope that is over . My son and husband never left my side .all you other people good luck xxx

Another step over and one step further forward. Sounds like you’re being well looked after.

Rest up and enjoy the pampering. Hope you heal quickly.

Gentle hugs. Mel x

Glad to hear your op is  over, Toulula.


Rest up and get better soon.





Hi Toulula,
Sorry to hear u had a tough time with your op :frowning: but pleased to hear you are now home & being cared for so well! Make sure you get plenty of rest & try not to worry about results- hopefully the worst is over now.
Gentle hugs ( love that phrase, so true!)
Wilsbury x

Hi Toulula


Glad to hear your op is over and done with,  I hope you are being waited on and taking it easy.


I still have a slight tinge of blue on my boob and I had my op on 4th March so it does last a long while.


Good wishes


Jaye x