All the best for today ladies

I know we have all been posting messages to each other but I just wanted to say again that I am thinking of all those who get their results today or have to see their consultant to discuss treatment etc. I know I am feeling rather nervous this morning and even doubted I had a lump anymore! Hubby confirmed it is still there and told me to stop worrying about wasting people’s time! I am going armed with my diary of symptoms as I get so tongue tied around doctors!

And there are SO many of you who are facing much more serious appointments than I am, so I can only imagine how you are feeling this morning. TAKE CARE and I am thinking of you all,


YES I SECOND THAT GOOD LUCK EVERYONE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Me too

Love K

Yeah good luck to me and everyone else.

Claire - hope you got on ok with your early appointment and I think it was Nanny that had a 9 oclock too, can’t remember. But hope your results are all ok and let us know.

Take care and GOOD LUCK TO US ALL.