All the fears back again.

Hi everyone 


Diagnosed August 2017 and WLE and SNB September 2017. No nodes affected. 8mm lump IDC Es 8/8 and HER2 +. First year mammogram (July as going on holiday) clear. 

Found small lump just below scar nearly 2 weeks ago. Had ultrasound last Thursday and sonographer said nothing suspicions or to worry about. Checked for cyst but it isn’t. She suggested a hair follicle. Later reading report It just says:


:Corresponding to the palpable lump there is a 7mm cutaneous lesion: 


BC nurse said she wondered about hair follicle and to keep eye in case of infection.

Was a happy bunny but then Sunday I felt very low, achy, hot feeling in breast etc. I’ve now scared myself silly because I  realise report doesn’t say what the lump actually is. Cutaneous Lesion just means skin injury/trauma. No mention of hair follicle. What does that mean anyway? We all have hair follicles.  It isn’t infected, can’t see it,  or is ingrowing. Because of previous breast cancer I’ve now got myself in a state and can’t accept it’s nothing because of what I feel is an ambiguous diagnosis.


I emailed my BC nurse early hours of this morning and asked her to call me but so far she hasn’t. I don’t have lots of confidence in her as she says things like “don’t worry about it” if I ask something or “it’s normal” when had lots of pain months post surgery. Tone was you should have known and fancy asking. When I was scared about recurrence in early days she told me “This is why we are giving you all this expensive treatment. Felt like writing cheque I was that guilty. That’s just some of what she has said.


Has anyone else had ultrasound diagnosis like that. Am I overreacting ? Stress levels never use to be like this until menopause.  Now realise the low achy feeling etc Sunday was most probably stress. Hormones have a hell of a lot to answer for !!! I’m 66 in just over 2 weeks. 


Many thanks all


Frances xxx


Dear Francis so sorry you are feeling so worried, however BC nurse need to give you more time and attention DONT WORRY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH we all need answers right away 


good luck and take care Tili ?