All this waiting is hard


im having a bit of a fed up day today. It’s been almost two weeks since my lumpectomy and a further 10 days to go to wait for the results.  Finding it all a bit hard today and I just want to know the score now. 

Im all calm and positive one moment and then the next I feel like someone’s slapped me in the face shouting ‘you have cancer’ and I feel my pulse race before telling myself to get a grip. 

This has been such a long bloody road for me which started back in February when I first visited my GP after finding a small lump in my left breast. 3 visits later when he still couldn’t feel what I was on about and I was referred to the hospital to “put my mind at rest”. That was April. My appointment didn’t come through until early July. Then 5 appointments, ultrasounds, lots of mammograms, various biopsies later I was told my left breast was fine, but I had cancer in the right one. 

And here we are still. It’s mid September and I’m still waiting. I know this is the final set before treatment - what ever it is - begins, but fed up would be an understatement. 

My husband has been my rock, and without him I would be a gibbering wreck but it’s starting to take its toll on him too. There’s only so long you can put on a brave face. 

Perhaps it’s because it’s so close now? Like the feeling when you’ve had a summer holiday planned for months and months and that final week in work feels like you’re walking through mud towards the weekend?

Anway. Apologies for the rant today. Time for a coffee and an early choc from the milk tray box that arrived yesterday! X

Oh Beth, that does seem an awfully long time you’re having to wait for the results - you’re allowed to rant!  It’s the waiting that sometimes does seem the worst, as knowing what treatment you need can actually alleviate the panic.  Do you know why it’s taking so long, think it’s usually about 2 weeks from op to results?  Just wanted to say hang on in there and that there’s lots of support on this wonderful forum.  Sending you gentle hugs. Rubycat xxx:cathappy:

Hi Beth I can understand how fed up you are. My wait wasn’t as long as yours but I still waited for results & treatment longer than most people seemed to. I waited 3 & a half weeks after lumpectomy for my results. I know this doesn’t really help as you want to get it sorted but I was assured that the delay wouldn’t make a difference which I was worried about as I’d waited from January to March 24th for my op. I’m glad you have a good husband, I have, too, but you can’t keep a brave face on all the time & I’m sure he understands that. Wishing you all the best with your results. We’re here for you on your low days. You will get through it, we’ve all been where you are now & know how you feel. And go on have another choc! X

Hi Beth,


I can quite understand how you feel. Will be in a similar boat as yourself shortly. My lumpectomy is Friday and they are also doing a biopsy of my lymph glands. The difference is, I think, that I had Chemo before my operation to try and shrink the lump and save the breast as much as possible. I also knew back then that there was some lymph node involvement.


So after this, if it all goes to plan. I will “only” have radiation to look forward to. If not, it’s likely a full node clearnance and/or mascectomy for me. It’s all gone so well (i.e. lump has shrunk dramatically) so I am expecting good news in the end. 


Then there will be a wait of 2-3 weeks. It can take 2 weeks for the results to be sent to my surgeon and then they discuss them in their weekly meeting before telling me.


You have had quite a rollercoaster so far. Not surprised you are fed up. 




thank you ladies for replying. It is such a comfort to know that there are people out there who understand. I’ve spoken to my BC nurse this afternoon about the hard lump that’s appeared and it’s just fluid apparently. She mentioned that they’ve had some results back early and she’ll telephone after the clinic meeting tomorrow evening if one of them is mine. So I may know on Friday. So desperately want to know but feel sick now at the prospect of it. My brain certainly can’t make its mind up what it wants!! Why am I finding this scary? It can’t be any worse that waiting to find out whether it was cancer or not just a few weeks ago? 

Need to find my mojo again and get my fight back in me - if somebody finds it please point it my way!! 

I’ve had the call. My results are back so off to the hospital in the morning to find out whether they got it all and whether I need chemo. Glad I’ll know but feeling sick at the thought of what could lay ahead again. 

Mojo seems to be back today. Feel like a walk with Hubbie and the pooch later ( no lead holding for me). Spot of fresh air will be lovely. 

So. Tomorrow it is then. ?


Theyve told me today that they have definitely removed all the cancer and that they’ve downgraded it from grade 2 to 1. All good news!!! 

No decision re chemo as yet but I’ve given my consent for samples to be sent to America for Oncotype testing? Another two week wait but at least I know this is all about prevention of future cancer now, and not to cure this one. 

Steri strips are off and everything is looking ok. And they are happy with my range of movement so can drive from tomorrow!! Yayyyy.

feeling positive from today. ?

That’s great news Beth. The Oncotype was worth the wait for me, even though it felt like an age!! Xx