Allergic reaction with Docetaxel

How excited was I yesterday to be having my 6th & final chemotherapy session! Unfortunately things didn’t pan out quite the way I had hoped. I had a slight allergic reaction to Docetaxel on my 5th infusion - came on very quickly - dizziness, thought I was going to faint & strong lower back spasms. The nurses were brilliant - on scene within seconds - stopped chemo & gave me IV antihistamines which stopped the reaction within mins & my chemo was allowed to continue at a slower rate & I completed it. For the 6th session the rate was slowed down more. I took steroids prior to it & also had antihistamines before the chemo too. Within 10 mins I had a more severe allergic reaction & my chest was very tight. The chemo was stopped & the decision made to stop the chemo. I now have an appt to see my Cons in a few days time to see what solutions may be possible to enable me to have this last dose.

Has anyone else had a similar issue with two reactions & if so what was the solution for you? I would really appreciate any feedback xx

Hi Lozza1


I didn’t have an allergic reaction, but found a few ladies on this thread from just a couple of years back who did, hope this helps.


Take care x