Allergy to surgical tape, glue and antihistamine cream has caused itch8ng and oozing scar from aroun

I have tried everything to get rid of itching.

from the internet I found something about a product by Smith & Nephew called Resolve which removes surgical glue etc. I am itching alive especially as I was prescribed ficudin cream and I didn’t realise this was an antihistamine cream which i am allergic to. This itching is making my life a misery and my scar looks pretty bad as it’s oozed lots of brown gluey stuff that’s looking crusty. I have a rash on my hands, arms, front of my breasts, neck, chest, abdomen, and upper legs (front skin only) it’s like red raised dots. Most of my back is ok, except for tha back of my neck.

apparently Smith & Nephew in the US has a product called Resolve which will remove surgical glue if it causes allergies but so far oral antihistamine hasn’t got rid of my itching which I have now had since 12 September. Any suggestions gratefully received. My skin is really inflamed, my new diep breast is swollen and dark red, I look a fright. It’s a shame as I was delighted with the result before the allergy really took off!


Oh that sounds awful , have you not been prescribed something orally - anti-histamines / steroids to calm this down a bit ? Has your surgeon not come across this before ? I really hope you get some relief soon x