Almost certain i have lung secondaries - devastated

Hi, I had primary breast cancer in 2008 grade 3 stage 2 IDC and had chemo, rads and hormone treatment. I recently had a scan for an unrelated condition and lung lesions were found. After a CT scan, multiply lung nodules were discovered. An urgent oncology appointment has been sent to me and my gp is pretty sure it is secondaries. I visited her today and she said cancer is the number one cause due to the look of the ct scan. I am devastated and know the onc will confirm this. My husband knows about the possibility of cancer but I now have to tell him that this disease will eventually kill me and cannot be cured. I hope treatment may give me as much time as possible. I still cannot get my head round this and feel desperate.

Hello rachy

Sorry to hear that you are joining us with possible secondaries …life’s cruel isn’t it ?
We do all the treatment …get a few years if we are lucky and then wham bang …it’s all back. I had eleven years between primary and secondaries and felt like I had been kicked in the teeth !!
But …we have to fight and stay strong and until you know what treatment is in store …you are a bit in limbo.
Rant shout swear as much as you like …we have all been there and got the tee shirt !!
Hugs xx

Hello Rachy,


Sorry to hear what you are going through.


I was in a similar position last October, albeit with a 12 year gap between primary and secondaries. Please believe me when I say it will get a bit easier as time goes on. In the meantime, as Carolyn says, everyone on the forum will support you.


Things I wish I’d known at the start:

* It’s not curable but you don’t have to start planning your funeral yet! There are ladies on here who have lived with SBC for years and the treatments are getting better

* you will feel much more in control when you’ve seen the onc and got a treatment plan

* some hospitals have specialist SBC Nurses - worth asking if yours has one


In terms of where I am now, I’m currently on hormone treatment and it’s keeping the cancer at bay. The largest nodules in my lungs have shrunk and I’m no longer coughing or breathless. I would have found that hard to believe nine months ago.


Hang in there!



I have no symptoms at all which has amazed the consultant !

This does give me hope !

Hi rachy, sorry you have had to join us.

I apparently dont have lung mets but have them in the pleura (outside lining), which i am told is different??

I had 2 pleural effusions and could barely breathe. Am much better at the moment bt not sure if its the ‘lung’ treatment working or the chemo. I can only have one more cycle so am getting a bit scared.

I only went 2 1/2 yrs between primary and secondary and i really dont know which is worse…i just wish none of us had to go throough it. Take on board all the advice given by these wonderul ladies and nver give up hope. Rant and rave on here as much as you like…we all ubnderstand.

Funnyface…thanks for telling us about your ‘time span’…you give us all hope.xx

Hi funny face…this isnt the first time i have ben told i can have so many cycles and others have said differently.Apparently its due to the toxicity (my paltelets were so low this time i had to have a redced dose) and he seems keen to let me have a rest from chemo’s (althogh i feel ok at the moment). This worries me because if the disease spreads its then too late…i would have thought prevention was better than ‘cure’ as they say… Have you or anyone else been on carboplatin indefinitely?

I have noted down the treatments you have had as there are a few i’ve not visited yet.

I am seeing another onc in london on wednesday so will be asking the questions you’ve raised.


Oncology appointment tomorrow 1pm. I will know my fate then !

Multiple tumours found in lungs and lymph nodes and neck area. They know they are secondaries and pretty certain it is BC but cannot find the primary. They also said my pancreas was enlarged and are checking this to see if it is the source of the cancer. They have taken bloods of numerous tumour markers. They are very, very shocked that I have no symptoms at all and this is making them scratch their heads. It could even be an endocrine tumour as have hyperparathyroidism and an adenoma. I am deep shock at the moment

Hi Rachy,


So sorry you’ve had your fears confirmed and it must be frustrating that the experts seem baffled. I don’t really understand why they are looking for a primary though? I had a 12 year gap before SBC dx so my original tumour was well and truly gone!


Hope they can sort you out with a treatment plan soon. Be very kind to yourself in the meantime and try to take it one day at a time.





Hi Marion, thanks for the reply. I think they are being very thorough with me because of my multiple health issues. They were saying about hormone therapy and will be contacted soon if they feel it is right. They are checking various different tumour markers at the moment so maybe this will clarify the kind of cancer it is. In some ways I am relieved to know what it is but I want to know the next step. So much uncertainty.

Rachy, sorry to hear you have had your fears confirmed…its such a blow isnt it even if you’re half expecting it. We have all been in that dark place many times but try and rest, give yourself time to adjust and by then hopefully a treatment plan will be underway. Easier said than done but stay strong.Let s know how things go. x