almost finished

i am almost finished with 20 out 25 tx. of rads, i dont want to be such a terriable pt. but i dont like the nurses that are taking care of me If i complain about the heartburn i’ve been having right after tx. instead of trying to find out why they blame it on my pain medication witch not metion every single cell in my body hurts! I just want to stop anymore rads and start healing! left in question?

Hello Michelleraeanne,
I have had a problem with heartburn due to the amount of tablets I’m having to take it’s very uncomfortable I know. My GP has given me some tablets called Omeprazole 20mg. I have to take one a day and they are really good, I forgot to take one a few days ago and the heartburn returned very quickly. It may be useful to get in touch with your GP to get something like this or similar. Good luck with the rest of your rads.

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

Hi… can I clarify…when you say nurses do you mean radiotherapy staff?..if so, don’t worry …they are all cold fish in my experience…haven’t got a sympathetic bone in their bodies. Guess it goes with the territiory tho’…their job is so technical and precise and mathematical , to have those qualities means it’s likely you lack the empathic ones (not saying that’s right but that’s how it is generally…my expereince based on being a patient and encounters with others whilst working in the NHS, Social care. I am also a qualified Psychotherapist).

I had a couple of days where I was very upset with the attitude I encountered but it’s not worth the stress it will cause you to make a fuss…just deep breaths , get throught the last few sessions and then you walk away.

See your GP about any troublesome symptoms that need treating or questions you want answering.

Bettina x

I would just like to say that I had 15 sessions at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton and all the staff without exception were friendly patient and understanding so it is possible to be technical and have a sense of empathy. I am sorry that you have both had more upseting circumstances but at least it’s only a small part of your life and when you finish you can stick two fingers up to them (metaphorically of course)

Actually I’m having rads in Coventry and they are really nice, always try to chat and put me at my ease. It does feel like such a toxic thing to do to your body but I’ve just been reading what a powerful weapon it is against bc so hang on in there xx