ALP retested and now higher

About two weeks or so ago I posted on here about my ALP levels rising. I retested yesterday and they are a little higher still for the first time in the abnormal range. (121 was highest normal and I was 129). It was at a different lab than last time but I think it’s clear now that ALP levels are definitely rising and there is a reason. I know it can be bone mets and obviously that’s my worst fear. But I also know they can rise in menopause due to just degenerative bone loss. I had a dexa scan last year and I wasn’t classified as osteopenia because I didn’t classify myself as post menopausal. But I was and am. And the osteopenia wasn’t mild. Two of my bones were over -2 so approaching osteoporosis numbers. Has anybody had experience with ALP levels rising after going on AI’s? If so, why, and how did you fix it? I am trying not to panic but it’s hard. I’ve got an e-mail out to my oncologist’s office but haven’t heard back. I do not want a bone scan since I’m asymptomatic so I’m hoping that’s not suggested. Thank you for your help!!