so I can be brave and inspirational?

El Kat you would be the bravest… and most inspirational!.. and funniest looking!

I’d look like that woman on the Fosters advert

“how do I look?”




*has visoins of El Kat swishing half a head of hair, to the WOOOOOOOOOAH Bodyform woman (Tampax advert) in the background, but with words changed to WOOOOOOOOOAH Chemo hair!!! Chemo hair for yooooouuuuuu’*

It’s a good job we can laugh about all this isn’t it?.. We’d go mad otherwise… and cry more too.

I’m on day 2 of Alepcein on my fluffy noggin, not expecting miracles, but I have been told my head smells nice a lot LOL

Ha ha ha - because we’re worth it :wink:

I keep looking in the mirror and studying my dandelion fluff for signs of growth, one thing it does seem to do is fluff it up a bit - no miracles yet but I do feel like I’m doing something.

Cross fingers eh? Was tempted (this is sooooo wrong btw) to try the “Half” test on my lady garden which is totally bush free :smiley: Wouldn’t be posting the photo results of that though! Ha ha

Also had a black humour thought of when the shampoo washes down my face I hope it doesn’t stimulate facial hair growth :smiley: Full beard!

Yes thank god for a sense of humour, it’s saved me on many occasions. At least I laugh more than I cry

Well I’ve been using the shampoo and liquid since the 1st August now and I’m definitely seeing some improvement, it seems stronger and it’s grown a bit more and a little more coverage.

It’s still very like baby fluff and it’s still very uneven. It’s also not covering all my head yet so can’t go commando yet.

Just think it’s actually helping this stuff and it’s not that expensive. I found a bottle of the shampoo in cheapo shop “bodycare”. I had to get liquid from boots though as couldn’t get anywhere else.

But for £11 I think it’s worth it. I’ve not even used 1/4 of it yet, don’t have to use much to cover it when theres barely anything there

El Kat you said you can use Alpecin on chemo but my bcn said I should wait till I’ve finished … although admittedly, she’d never heard of it … hhmmm!

It’s only caffeine, they don’t tell you not to drink caffeine…

UNless they KNOW something is OK they tell you not to use it.
I’ve had my last chemo anyway.

My Oncy team said it was OK to use whilst I was still on chemo, but to stop if I had a reaction (which I didn’t!)

I’ve been using just the liquid (£7.40 from Boots) and have seen an improvement! Hubby says it’s ‘downy’ but is coming through quite well. I’m currently on TAX and my hair is slowly growing… Not sure if Alpecin is the cause of it, but I’ll try anything!!!

Hi I have just looked on Amazon for the Alpecin shampoo, but I am a bit confused because it says for men although Im sure it shouldn’t make a difference! What colour bottle did you buy? On Amazon it was a red or grey looking bottle. Also I have only just had my 2nd Tax, still have some hair but just wondering if it would be worth using this early on to try and save it! Maybe its just wisful thinking.
Sorry for any mistakes chemo brain is kicking in.

Lyn x x

All hair loss products on the market are aimed at men :slight_smile: They dont think of those of us with baldy cancer head. And this wouldn’t make a difference to people with Alopecia.

The red bottle is dual for dandruff. The Grey bottle is normal hair.
I got grey.

If you look at their website, type in Alpecin to google, it explains how it works on the hair by lengthening growth cycles etc. I dont think it’ll save you losing hair as such. Have a look at the site to see if it suits you.

I really think its making my baby fluff grow quicker and stronger than it was doing. Not a miracle but it’s not that expensive and it makes me feel I’m doing something. I just want a head covering now so I can ditch the scarves unless I’m freezing.

I wish I was one of these women that looked good with the elfin crop. I so don’t suit short hair so hoping it’ll grow fast!

Thanks I’ll have a look at the website now. Don’t think i’ll look at my head when its all gone!

Lyn x

I didn’t look too bad when I didn’t have a big fat face with loads of fat chins, thats courtesty of steroids.

But now I hate having no hair as I just look very very butch and unattractive. I feel like I never look nice now.