Has anyone used Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo and Liquid?

The Liquid - is this OK to use when theres hardly anything there for it to stick to? Or would it leave scalp sticky?


Just finished chemo and just started using the Alpecin liquid. Too soon to say if it’s having any effect, but it’s not at all sticky on head or the little hair I’ve got.


I’ve been using the liquid, I’m not sure really if it having any effect but it’s making me feel like I am doing something positive. It does seem to be growing fairly quickly though. Not sticky at all just liquid that takes about 5 -10 mins to dry. Got to be worth a go in my opinion. Ive got just over 1 cm, had my 3rd tax yesterday with 1 more still to go.

Sounds good - I have reached over half-way and finished the EC that ruined my hair and have competed 6/15 of the Tax half of my chemo and hair growing at 1mm a week all over - got 2-3 mm now.

Where does one buy this miracle?

Hey up Ninja :slight_smile:

You can get it from chemists/Boots/Ebay etc.
Not too pricey either, 200ml shampoo £4.99 and liquid £6.50. Not silly money, should last a month but that’s for people who already have hair, so suspect we can use less than that.
Have to use daily.

I think for that price it’s worth a go eh?

Anything to get our crowning glory back quicker!

So you can use it whilst having Tax??? I’m on EC so guess I have to wait till I’ve finished the chemo …

I don’t know, it’z Caffeine to stimulate follicles. I haven’t checked with BCN but others are using it.

can i just rub coffee on my head?.. have seen the ads and had been thinking about this stuff!

Well you CAN but you’d look a bit silly :smiley:

ah so you have seen me!

I might have to give this a try! I’ve currently got silver/blonde wispy bits all over, with a darker fluffier ‘mohawk’ type running down the middle of my scalp!!

I’d do anything to get my hair back - hate being bald with Moonface from chemo - not an attractive look at all!!

Well, I went into town yesterday and bought Alpecin shampoo from Bodycare at £4.15 and Alpecin Liquid from Boots at £6.45 (ouch)
I’ve started using them today, it seems to fluff up the dandelion stalk hairs quite well - ha ha.
I’ll see how it goes, of course the only way of really knowing if it works would be to do half a head in that and half a head leave alone, but don’t fancy that test really :smiley:

The stuff is not cheap but I looked at their website and the results of tests etc, so I’m thinking that at least psychologically it’ll help me to feel like I’m doing something to help myself.

I’m going with the coffee. My white hair makes me look bald still.

rubbing coffee on your head :smiley: ha ha. At least from a distance you’ll look like you have a nice brown head of hair :wink:
Like, a mile away!

Looked at Regaine but it’s DAFT money. Alpecin seems affordable.

Decaf of course ;o)

My hubby went out and got me the liquid, so I started on that last night. I suppose if I feel it’s working, I’ll get the shampoo too.

Here’s to full heads of hair to us all!!!

J xxx

so can i use it while still doing chemo or should I wait??

I looked at regaine, but it’s highly toxic to cats (and rats!), so didn’t risk it just in case my moggy decided to lick my head!

PS - That sounds v strange, but one of his fav sleeping places is on the back of the sofa behind me!

You can use it with chemo :slight_smile:

Regaine toxic to Kittys? My cat likes to lick the bath after I’ve had a shower (ewwwwww) so probably good I didn’t get that! I’d be devastated if something happened to my fur baby!

Mine sometimes licks my head, though she doesn’t like it bald!

El Kat I think you should do the half head test then you can let us know if it really works!.. we will all support you!