Finished chemo and cold cap on Tuesday but when can I start using the Alpecin shampoo? The cold cap didn’t work for me and I need to do something!!

Angie - so sorry the cap didn’t work…I’m still persevering! But v thin patches at the mo.

CONGRATS on your final chemo!! Whoop, whoop!! xx

I started using Alpecin Shampoo and Liquid as soon as I’d finished chemo, BCN says doesn’t affect anything so OK to use.
I do feel like it’s working - not that you’ll ever know if it grows quite quickly on its own or whether it’s the stuff you’re using, but it helps psychologically if nothing else xxx

Hi Angielav

Sorry to hear that the cold cap didn’t work, but I guess it is always worth a try!

I think the rule of thumb is 3 weeks after last chemo but my hair started growing back whilst I was having 3 x TAX and (at the OK of the Onc team) started using Alpecin shampoo then. The proviso was that if I reacted (came up in a rash, itchy etc) then I should stop using it. I also used the Activ F tonic at the same time.

I had no problems and continue to use them, my last TAX was 09/06 and I am now a fluffy suede head!

As always, if in doubt check with your Onc team before going ahead.

Here’s to a full head of hair before Christmas!

DaisyGirl xx

Thanks everyone … gonna give the shampoo a go tomoz. How long you got to go Sandytoes … and is the cap still working?? x